Old wood processed with care and passion

ARBOC specializes in the processing of wood reclaimed from houses, buildings and structures scheduled for demolition. We collect the wood, remove the nails, inspect it quality-wise and prepare it for reuse in new homes, restaurants, hotels, lodges and historical buildings. Antique wood is a rare and limited resource, rich in character and historical charm, and at ARBOC, we respect the character of old wood.

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Wood is our inspiration

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Unique projects, made to order

Explore ARBOC’s projects

Unique projects, made to order

About our activity

High quality raw materials – durable results

Our high quality wooden material and highly specialized machinery allow us to tailor the beauty, warmth, character and texture of woods to the exact preferences of our customers. We use raw old wood and we rely on our craftiness, passion and expertise to complete unique projects, compliant with stringent quality standards.

Natural old wood

We craft finished goods made of more than 60-year old wood, not of weathered new wood.

High performance machinery

With the help of modern machinery, we treat each product through thermal processes, fully excluding the chemical ones.
99.9% of our customers are satisfied,  according to the feedback received for 120+ projects